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As well as designing your web site, Digital Deluxe can host it too...

Digital Deluxe chooses Pipex as its main partner for all web hosting. Operating from locations across the UK, Pipex runs one of Europe's most extensive communications networks.
We use powerful Linux Dedicated Servers (Quad Core X3330 - 2.6GHz) - perfect for high traffic sites, ecommerce and streaming. Due to the reliability of the data centres a 99.9% connectivity rate is achieved - ensuring that your site is available day and night.

Prices start from as little as £9.99 per month.
For further details please either ring 020-3663-2711 or email


> 2000MB space > Unlimited POP3 email boxes > Up to 10 MySQL databases
> 20GB data transfer per month > Webmail - access your emails anywhere > Scripting support for over 20 languages
> Up to 500 Sub Domains with full Email > Email Forwarding > PHP and Chilisoft ASP
> Audio streaming support > Unlimited email aliases > CGI, Perl & SSI capabilities
> MP3 Support - store music files > Auto responders > Miva Empresa scripting language
> StatCounter reports - monitor visitor stats > Mailing groups > Customised error messages

How safe is your web site?

Here are some details about the data centre...

> There are more Sun Cobalt RaQs in the data centre than any other hosting company in Europe. A special relationship with Cobalt Networks (a subsidiary of Sun Microsystems) allows the data centre to provide cutting edge support and service.
> Cisco routers and Enterprise switches are used throughout the data centre. In the unlikely event of one of these network components failing, the network will carry on with no degradation in speed or reliability.
> The data centre was constructed with total security in mind. Access is restricted by proximity reader access that records all access to the data centre, and is monitored by CCTV at all times.
> Two Uninterruptible Power Supplies protect the network in case of power failure. Should the power to the network fail, the high power UPS automatically kicks in to take the load of all the servers and network hardware.
> The dedicated electricity supply was designed to meet all diverse electrical needs. Power is routed through the lightning protection system and generator changeover panel before getting to the servers ensuring a smooth power rate.
> As a second line of defence against power failure there are 2 industrial generators, capable of supplying enough electricity to the entire data centre for an indefinite period of time.
> Should a fire break out in the data centre then the FM200 Fire Suppression System will be triggered - in seconds FM200 gas will be released extinguishing the fire - a computer friendly gas that will not harm computers or leave a residue.
> In the unlikely event that water leaks into the data centre then sensors throughout the area will detect the leak and sound the alarm to the network operations centre staff.

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