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24 years at the forefront of music technology...

Starting as an sound engineer in 1987 at the legendary Berwick St Studios, Rob Miller established a wealth of experience, involved in every aspect of the music industry - from studio work to performing live through to running record labels and music publishing.

He has worked with over 150 artists/bands on over 90 record labels in the capacity as producer, composer, engineer, manager, and most notably, digital editor. Pioneering the first mobile digital editing business in Europe led Rob into website design and the formation of Digital Deluxe, created in 1995.

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(1995 - 2005)

> Co-founded and built a record label with a reputation for quality progressive music around four main acts - King Kooba, Lexi Love, Grand Unified and Dogs Deluxe; large schedule of material released (11 albums and over 40 EP’s); tours arranged; licensing opportunities (artists’ compilations, advertising & new media) optimised.
> Designed and managed label website concentrating on community building and direct e-tailing by mail order and in association with E-music, USA.
> Co-founded a music publishing company (Second Skin Music) that currently has 5 writers.
> Involved in all management, musical and creative functions of both businesses.
> Co-ordinated studio/remix activity, mastering & manufacturing process, artwork and logistics of promotional process; release scheduling.
  Achievements at Second Skin
> Worldwide distribution secured in 26 countries (UK, USA, Japan, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria, South Africa, Czech Republic, Israel, India, Bhutan, Nepal & UAE).
> Detailed use of marketing information, having created and updated large databases covering regular bulletin customers, press/media/TV, music business/A&R contacts, potential affiliate and all UK retail outlets; Second Skin made the most of its budget and achieved good value for money.
> Effective use of new media; one of the first record labels to sell music on the internet with CDuctive, USA; Second Skin material was on the first Diamond Rio MP3 player promotional disk and the first label to take part in a Tokyo MiniDisc street vending scheme.
> Original and successful affiliate campaigns (e.g. major merchandising arrangement with Pervert Clothing and sponsorship deals with Volcom, SMP and Oxygen) and video games (Activision - Tony Hawkes Pro Skater) plus TV, film and video (especially surf and snowboard videos - BMG, Channel 4, MTV sports shows, Eurosport, ITV Sport and MTV adverts).
> Considerable success in building non music partnerships in “extreme” sports sector. Second Skin organised the music side for extreme sports festivals such as Board X Urban Games, World, European & UK Skateboard Championships, and European & UK Snowboard Championships.
> Careful branding and positioning for the label and artists; resourceful promotion from press/PR/digital/media to street and club level.

Second Skin Records Releases
> King Kooba
The Imperial Solution
  > King Kooba
Enter The Throne Room
Release The Cracken
> Lexi Love
Too Fast Times
> Dogs Deluxe
Dogs Deluxe
Throne Room
> Various
Skinful Vol.1
California Suite
Skinful Vol.2
Skinful Vol.3
Skinful Vol.4
  > Dogs Deluxe
21st Century Readymades
Skinful Boxset
Remixes 96-01
Moon Fever
Wreckin' Ball
  > Grand Unified
Le Hot
Goin' On
  > Lexi Love Dreams
        Fire & Ice
      > The Meateaters You Blow My Mind
        You Were My Sunshine
      > 60Hz Double Zero
      > Fifa Think Ohm
      > Various Skinful Vol.2
        Skinful Vol.3
        Skinful Vol.4

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(1993 - present day)

> Started the first mobile digital editing business in Europe.
> Edited projects for over 60 artists on 40 different record labels.
> Most notable credits include East 17 (UK No.3), Marshall Jefferson, Peter Andre (UK No.1), Dreadzone, Eternal (UK No.1), Rozalla, Art Of Noise, Headrillaz, Drum Club, Earl 16 and Opus 3 amongst many others. (see below)
> Established many contacts within the music industry.
> “London’s top chopper” Loaded magazine August 1998.

Notable Digital Editing Sessions
> Pink Floyd
Why Pink Floyd? (90/60/30 sec edits for the entire catalogue)
> East 17 Around The World (single) Sony
various album tracks
> Eternal You're The Only One (single) EMI
> Peter Andre Mysterious Girl (single) Mushroom Records
  singles & album tracks  
> Rozalla This Time I Found Love (single) Sony
  singles & various remixes  
> Dreadzone Biological Radio (album) Virgin
  Movin' On (single)  
  various EP's  
> Drum Club Live in Iceland (album) Sabres of Paradise
  various remixes Big Life
> Headrillaz All material released Pussyfoot
  albums, EP's & singles V2
> Vinyl Blair Blair Necessities (EP) Hard Hands
  various remixes  
> Elevatorman Funk and Drive (single) M&G
  All Fired Up (single) Wired
> Earl 16 Steppin' Out (album)
  various EP's  
> Marshall Jefferson Age of Mirrors (single) X Records
> Brutal Deluxe Brutal Deluxe (EP) Whoop Records
> Discocaine Back To Back (EP's) Zoom Records
  various EP's  
> Crime Rhythm Graffiti (EP) Junior Boys Own
  various EP's  
> Boogie Buffet Back 2 Boogie (EP) Back To Basics
> Art Of Noise Yebo (Arkarna remix) China Records
> Caucasian Boy Caucasian Boy (EP) Strictly Rhythm
  various EP's  
> Shitake Sticky Green Fingers (EP) Zoom Records
  various EP's  
> Pluto Pluto Rising (album) ITP Records
  Demolition Plates (album) Octopus Records
  Free To Run (EP) Trance Europe Express
  Diablo (EP) One Off Records
  various EP's  
> Kamouflarge Shell Shock (EP) Checkpoint Charlie
> Slowly Ming (album) Dorado & Instinct Records
  singles & various EP's Chill Out Records
> Kushti Stromboli (single) Octopus Records
> Full Moon Scientists Monday Morning Train Hard Hands
  (Vinyl Blair remix) Warners
> Arkarna R U Scared (single) China Records
  House On Fire (single)  
  singles, remixes & album tracks  
> Wiseass How Will I Stand (EP) Mercury/Manifesto
> Opus 3 When You Made The Mountains POW! Productions
  (Paul Gotel remix)  
> Co-Creators Funky Dood'n'Dap (album) Chill Out Records
> Honky Love Thy Neighbour (remix) ZTT Records
> Tranquil Elephantizer Zombie Dawn (EP) Matrix Records
  No Slo Dub (EP) Language Records
> 10th Street Assembly Assembly (EP) Black Sunshine
> Century Falls Secret Codes (EP) MCA/Soundproof
> Fat Planet Fat Planet (EP) Rhythm King Records
> Shola Bubble (EP) WEA
> Lava Lava Firewalk (EP) Honeydipped Records
> The Meateaters Meateaters (EP) Ninja Tune
> Camberwell Butterflies Caterpillar (EP) Chill Out Records
> Pig Force Pig Force (EP) Black Sunshine
> The Penguins Fabrique en France (EP) Penguins, France
> The Big Cheese Allstars Prawns (album) The Big Cheese, France
> Tribal Drift Collective Journeys (album) Chill Out Records
  remixes & various EP's  
> Glen Goldsmith Love And Understanding (EP) RCA
More digital editing sessions available on request

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(1990 - 2010)

> Produced over 20 artists including Lexi Love, Dogs Deluxe, Spiral Tribe, King Kooba, Grand Unified, Lunarci, Foxgluv, Charge, Fifa, CMR and Beat Publique. (see below)
> Remixed 12 artists for 10 record labels including Boy George/Dubversive, Dreadzone, Slowly, Blue Pearl, Tribal Drift, Paul Reid, The Big Cheese Allstars and The Candyskins. (see below)
> Signed to Big Life Records and Big Life Publishing (1990 - 1993) as half of the duo Lunarci; co-producing and writing all material.

Notable Production & Remixes Sessions
> Dogs Deluxe
Dogs Deluxe (album)
Second Skin Records
21st Century Readymades (EP)
  Propulsion (EP)  
  Moon Fever (EP)  
  Wreckin' Ball (EP)  
  Snow Queen (EP)  
> King Kooba Release The Cracken (EP) Second Skin Records
> Fifa Think Ohm (EP) Second Skin Records
> Grand Unified Le Hot (EP) Second Skin Records
> Spiral Tribe Breach The Peace (EP) Big Life Records
> Foxgluv Flame And Fortune (album) Higher Octave/EMI
> Charge Buds And Leaves Red Ant Records
> CMR Wannabe Red Ant Records
> Beat Publique Realise Beat Fantastic Records
> Lunarci Bingo Da Da (EP) Big Life Records
  Communion (EP) Beat Fantastic Records
  Sbassed (album track) Brainiac Records
> Lexi Love Too Fast Times (album) Second Skin Records
  Dreams/Love 1 (EP)  
  Fire & Ice (EP)
> Boy George / Dubversive Police'n'Thieves (remix) WEA
> Dreadzone Movin' On (remix) Virgin
> The Candyskins Disco Hell (remix) Ultimate
> Blue Pearl Motherdawn (remix) Big Life Records
> Paul Reid Diamond (remix) Sony Records
> The Meateaters You Blow My Mind (remix) Second Skin Records
  You Were My Sunshine (remix)  
> Slowly   Chill Out Records
> Lunarci Bingo Da Da (remix) Big Life Records
> King Kooba Quorma (remix) Second Skin Records
> Tribal Drift   Chill Out Records
> The Big Cheese Allstars   The Big Cheese, France
More production and remixes sessions available on request

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(1987 - 1990)

> Engineered, co-engineered and programmed over 50 artists on 40 different labels including S’Express, Baby Ford, Eartha Kitt, Yazz (*), Chas Jankel, Junior, Richie Rich, Boilerhouse Boys, Bronski Beat and Annie Amazulu amongst many others. (see below)

Notable Engineering & Programming Sessions
> Baby Ford Beach Bump (single) Rhythm King
Wigan* (album track)
> Yazz
Where Has All The Love Gone* (single)
Big Life Records
> Jerry Harrison album track Construct Music, USA
> Colin Favor Beatmasters remixes Rhythm King
> S'Express album tracks Rhythm King
> Chas Jankel Killing Dad (film score) Palace Pictures
> Boilerhouse Boys EP Rhythm King
> Michael Kamen Dead Bang* (film score) Warner Bros,USA
> Richie Rich De La Soul - Me, Myself & I* (remix)
Big Life Records
  Yazz* (remix)  
> Carl Marsh remixes Polydor
> Linda Law single Wau Mister Modo
> Jazzie P single A&M
> Eartha Kitt Eartha (album tracks)
  Cha Cha Heels (single)  
> Junior single MCA
> Bronski Beat singles BMG/Arista
> Annie Amazulu single Reprecussion Productions
> Juan Martin Killing Dad* (film track) Applecross Berg
> Sun Zoom Spark Sun Zoom Spark (album tracks)
> Major Matt Mason album tracks Polydor
> Peter "Hithouse" Slaghuis single Starcoast Productions
> Carol Kenyon singles CBS
> Trisha Fischer album tracks David Gresham, USA
> Okay Okay (album tracks) CBS, Germany
> Rococo Rococo (album tracks) Polygram
> Indian Summer single Strada Songs
> Camel Cigarettes Worldwide Advertising Campaign Camel
> Sony Worldwide Advertising Campaign Sony
> BBC Television Christmas Campaign BBC
* with Pete Lorimer
More engineering and programming sessions available on request

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(1990 - 2010)

> Extensively live engineered and performed with the bands Lunarci, Spiral Tribe, Modeliser, Pluto, King Kooba and Tribal Drift at venues and festivals across the UK and in Europe. (see below)
> Signed to Big Life Records and Big Life Publishing (1990 - 1993) as half of the duo Lunarci; performing at hundreds of venues throughout the UK and Europe.

Notable Live Engineering & Performing Highlights
> Lunarci
Castlemorton 1992
Ministry Of Sound, London 1992
Astoria, London 1991
Quadrant Park, Liverpool 1991
Wonderland Arena, London 1991
BCM, Mallorca 1991
The Rocket, London 1991
Rage, Heaven, London 1991
Hackney Empire, London 1991
Shelley's, Stoke 1991
Paradiso, Amsterdam 1991
> Spiral Tribe
Castlemorton 1992
> The Woodentops
Glastonbury 2010
> Modeliser
Glastonbury 2004
> Tribal Drift
Glastonbury 1994
> King Kooba
Home, London 1998
> Pluto
Phoenix Festival 1994
  Brixton Academy, London 1995
  Heaven, London 1995
More live engineering and performing sessions available on request

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(1993 - 2007)

> Managed the band Foxgluv in California, USA (since 2002). Negotiated 3 album record deal with EMI sub-label Higher Octave.
> Managed The Beat Farm Studios in Soho, London (1993 - obtaining and organising remixes for amongst others The B-52’s, Aswad, Alexander O’Neal and Psychic TV).
> Tour-managed part of the Ministry Of Sound Pepsi Tour 1994.

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(1990 - present day)

> Written and produced for television and film including the Adidas commercial “Earn Them” (1993), Channel 4 commercials, various BBC programmes and other worldwide TV/radio networks, as well as engineered for Camel and Sony worldwide advertising campaigns.
> Written and produced 7 music production albums which have all been globally used by major television & film companies and have appeared in programmes such as Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Big Brother, Smack The Pony, Futbol Mundial, America's Next Top Model, Los Angeles News, Guiness World Records, TalkSport ads, Sky Sports commercials and The Olympic Games 2000.

Production Music CD's
> Artificial Intelligence 1
Boosey & Hawkes, London
> Artificial Intelligence 2
Boosey & Hawkes, London
> Breakbeats
Boosey & Hawkes, London
> Breakbeats 2
Boosey & Hawkes, London
> Techno Rave
No Boyfriend Music, LA, USA
> The Beat Fantastic
No Boyfriend Music, LA, USA
> Rap Attak 2
No Boyfriend Music, LA, USA

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